03.12.14 – March Events / LN Tradeable / Kruna

March 15, 2014 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

Update: No word on April events from Kru yet! I also want to let everyone know that registration is back and will remain open for DA World now. I have added security in various places to keep spam out.
Register today and connect with other DA Players!

Catch a Leprechaun
Is it Leprechaun Season? I just caught a glimpse of one lurking around my shop. I heard other aislings seeing them around other villages as well. If you have never seen one before, come drop by in the “Suomi Weapon Shop.” I might be able to help you if you want to try and catch one. – Torbjorn, Suomi Weapon Smith
(DA WORLD GUIDE: Catch a Leprechaun )

Lucky Clover & Green Ale
Lucky Clovers are sprouting in Temuair. You might be able to find one if you are lucky. You will be rewarded with prizes.
(Green ale is not mentioned by the KRU site update, but here is the DA WORLD guide if it does occur: Green Ale)

Find Locky’s Charms
A leprechaun named Locky has lost his magical charms in Temuair. Will you help him find them? Look for him standing next to a lamp post in Mileth Village. You will be rewarded with rewards depending on the number charms you find. (DA WORLD GUIDE: Locky’s Charms)

((Events will start on March 17th and finish on March 31st. Only registered accounts will be able to participate.))
**Clovers and Charms can ONLY be picked up by registered characters**

Insect Catching Tournament
(DA WORLD GUIDE: Insect Catching)
Visit Gunnar in Piet Weapon Shop for more details. This event will Start on March 17th and End on March 31st. (2 weeks to complete)
*During the 2 Week event, the “Light Necklace Raffle” bundle item will become tradeable.*

Monthly Kruna Giveaway
We’ll be giving out 200 Kruna to autorenewal accounts and 100 Kruna to registered accounts on Friday, March 17th.