02.10.12 – February Events & Monthly Kruna Giveaway

February 11, 2012 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

The “Heart Puppet” and “Divine Love Ring” will be available during Feb 14th-24th.

Can You Feel DA Love Night?

Can You Feel DA Love Tonight?

Valentine’s Gift

Aidan & Nadia will be at Loures Castle giving away Valentine’s Gifts to all registered players. The Valentine’s Gift will contain “VDay Bonus Exp-Ap(x10)” which is tradeable. One you open this gift, the contents inside will be bonded to your character.

**The “VDay Bonus Exp-Ap” will give players 1 hour of DOUBLE exp/ap rate gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.**

**No insight requirements**

((This event is open to all registered players. It will begin on February 14th and continue until February 24th.))


Monthly Kruna Giveaway

Monthly Kruna Giveaway is back! We’ll be giving out 200 kruna to autorenewal accounts and 100 kruna to registered accounts on Friday, February 17th.

**February Itemshop will be re-released during this time.**