07.05.13 – Muisir Training Grounds (Update)

July 9, 2013 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

Muisir Training Grounds
The trees in Undine have been cut. The bridge to Muisir Village can now be accessed. Can you figure out how to get in the village? The New Training Grounds are open to all registered Aislings insight 1-99. Please speak to Grady (next to the statue) for more information on the training grounds.

Double Experience
All players hunting in the Muisir Hunting Grounds will receive DOUBLE EXPERIENCE! The rest of the of the hunting areas will only receive the normal rate. Double Experience extended until Friday 7/12.

Bug Fixes (UPDATE)
* All monsters will properly spawn in their correct location.
* All Aislings will be able to cross the bridge in Undine.
* Muisir Training can now be completed.

FYI – AB1 to hunt Muisir – any ground – just go in order.
AP break-up: Room 1 – 5k, Room 2 – 10k, Room 3 – 15k, Room 4 – 17.5k