25.04.13 – Site Updates and Future Plans

April 25, 2013 in DAW News by Jaicen

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Changes made recently:
– All Equipment sections updated to include YT update. Thanks BioMagus!
– All Paths -> Skills/Spells: Updated to include YT update. Thanks Vamistle!
– Quests -> Med 31+ -> AJ & YT Quest Guide : Updated for easier reading.
– Forums re-ordered. Included ability for Groups to have Private Forums. *nudges Guilds*
– Added a Market Forum for Buy/Sell/Trade. Be cautious when using IRL Currency, use Da-Merchant.

Changes coming soon:
– Download Center: Download the DA Client or any DA Programs or Scripts.
– Secure: Soon the website will be invite only, and provide full grained privacy controls like FB.
– Gallery: Submit pictures or videos and choose who to share them with.

Want to contribute?
– Now hiring staff! PM Jaice or Jaicen here or in-game. You will be paid handsomely 😉