Privacy Policy

DA World is firmly committed to your privacy. This privacy policy briefly outlines our stance on privacy and how we collect and handle your personal information. You should read and understand this policy before creating an account on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the staff.

Personal Information
DA World does not sell, give, lend, distribute or share your information with any advertisement company or third parties. We only collect information such as visits, e-mail address, names (these can be nicknames we dont care), birthdays, character info and related items in order to serve you better. According to COPPA you must be over 13 years of age to join this website and your email is to send you updates regarding your account and other related materials. If we did not have your e-mail we could not offer a feature to reset your password! We never do anything weird with your information so be at ease!

DA World keeps track of certain activites and logs (part of cPanel software) that are possibly being created in the admin panel. They are just normal things like visits, unique visits, referers, bots, and stuff like that. We do not track your at a personally identifiable level – and if anything was ever logged we would not share it unless ordered to do so by a judge/court/authorities.

The only reason we use “cookies” is for your benefit. They are used to “save” your login on your computer so you can always quickly get around our site. Other cookies may be used for the gallery or forum. But we never take information and sell it to third parties. We respect your privacy, and cookies are not stored on our servers, they are on your computer just like every site.

This privacy policy may be periodically revised. You should always check for upgrades. We will never do stupid stuff with any info you give us ever. You can always browse DA World confident of your privacy.