DA Contest, Redemption, and Other Updates

April 14, 2013 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

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The Temuairian Travel Agent Contest!
“In recent Deochs there have been fewer Aislings assisting me and as such I have found myself in a conundrum! Without the Dark Things such as those items brought to me by fragile chrysalis, I am afraid I can no longer continue my studies of the dark arts. Therefore, I am calling upon all Aislings to compete to become the first Temuairian Travel Agent. Send out your pigeons, scrolls, and arcane magics through the veil of the dream world to reach the fragile chrysalis in the lands beyond — so that they might awaken themselves here in Temuair! You will be handsomely rewarded for your troubles, I assure you…”  – Dar, Mileth’s Dark Magic Master

Contest Rules:
How to enter: Your task is to use social media, such as writing a blog, doing a youtube review, or a long facebook post (not limited to these options exclusively) to explain Dark Ages, the great aspects of the game and why you adventure in Temuair! All posts must be linkable online and viewable by all for proof of posting. Included in your contest entry must be your character’s name — make sure you spell it correctly!  Send a link of your entry via in-game mail to “Dariochant”
Entrants must be registered to enter.

Winners will be chosen by the Suomi Troupe.
Kru will be donating the prizes for the chosen winners.
1st place will receive either 3 months of registration or 3,300 kruna (chosen upon winning) and a legend mark, “Temuairian Travel Agent”
2nd, 3rd, and 4th place prizes will be awarded Suomi Troupe Prize Bags.
This contest will start April 8th and end on April 30th.

“50% Bonus Experience Event”
Registered accounts will receive 50% Extra Experience gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.
((This event will begin on April 12th (after the morning reset) and END on April 15th. Register your accounts to take advantage of this special event!))

Bonus Monthly Kruna Giveaway
We are doubling the Kruna giveaway amount this month! We’ll be giving out 400 Kruna to autorenewal accounts and 200 Kruna to registered accounts on Monday, April 15th.

Spring Floppy Event Extended
To take advantage of the 50% Experience weekend, we have extended “The Spring Floppy Event” until April 15th.

Just a reminder that the Redemption Ritual will start this Friday, April 12th. Visit Carnig, Sunreet, or Solada.

*NEW AREA* Muisir Village Preview
We are excited to give you a sneak preview of the NEW Muisir Village. The Muisir Village will include:
-Hunting grounds for insight 1-98 & Numerous areas to explore for all insight/ability players.
Mushroom houses in Muisir village