Insect Catching Event

This event is a quarterly event (meaning it happens once every three months, or two Deoches.)

Reward Options

  • Map of Ant Guardian Tunnels – Exclusive access to restricted tunnel exits in Temuair and Medenia. ((Can be used every 4 hours))
  • Potent Mantid Scent – This powerful scent will increase your resistance to magic by an additional 30%. ((Lasts for 1 hour))
  • Fungus Beetle Extract – Drinking this extract will cure you and your group of poison.
  • Insect Cloak – Cloaks you into any random insect.
  • Leafhopper Chirp – A spell that wakes you up from Slumber.  ((H window)) ((Side note, it ao suains, not ao wff/pramh.))
  • Monster Cloak – Cloaks you into a monster of your choice.  ((Need Insect Cloak to obtain this item.  Insect Cloak will be removed.))
  • Beetle Juice – Will permanently increase your HP and MP by 1000.
  • LN Raffle Pack – 5 random attempts to get light necklace. This is tradeable during the event.

    EXP & AP Distribution
    Insight 40-59: 65,000,000 experience points
    Insight 60-79: 70,000,000 experience points
    Insight 80-99: 80,000,000 experience points + 800,000 ability points (Medenian path only)


  • You must be Registered.
  • You must have gained your 41st Insight.
  • You must have an Insect Net.


  • Capture 10 of each of the 5 bugs from each of the four areas. This represents 200 total bugs.

In-Depth Guide:

The general idea here is to run around with an Insect Net and catch insects which spawn in four separate areas.  You acquire the Insect Net from “Gunnar” in the Piet weapon shop.  Choose to “Enter Insect Tournament” and pick to buy the net! It costs you 100k gold, per net.  You can choose to repair the nets as they lose damage, or you can purchase a bunch.

Now, as I said, there are four areas where the insects spawn:

The first area is accessible in the Mileth Armory.  If you speak to Torrance he will give you the option to “enter hunting ground1.”  Select that option and enter the map.  This area contains the following bugs:

  • Mealybug
  • Katydid
  • Fungus Beetle
  • Assassin Bug
  • Weevil

The second area is accessible in Oren Armory (the one on the right).  If you speak to Octavio he will give you the option to “enter hunting ground2.”  Select that option and enter the map.  This area contains the following bugs:

  • Grey Millipede
  • Robberfly
  • Leaf Beetle
  • Brown Millipede
  • Leafhopper

The third area is accessible through Mank, right outside the entrence to Hwarone.  Choose “enter hunting ground3” to get into the third map. This area contains the following bugs:

  • Bee Fly
  • Gold Beetle
  • Moss Mantid
  • Lynx Spider
  • Leaf bug

The fourth area is accessible in the armory in Asilon.  Speak to Akum and choose “enter hunting ground4” for the final hunting ground.  This area contains the following bugs:

  • Blow Fly
  • Carpenter Ant
  • Weaver Ant
  • Cicada
  • Tiger Mosquito

*Please note, you can do the hunting grounds out of order if you’d like! =)

Once in there you’ll see what appears to be a swarm of bugs.  Equip your net and assail the bugs.  (You can also use other skills.)  Your character will involuntarily say all sorts of silly things, but eventually after hitting the same bug long enough, you’ll catch it.

When you have caught all 200 bugs return to “Gunnar” in Piet.  Choose to “Redeem Tournament Prize”  and pick the reward you would like.

Congratulations!  You’ve completed the most tedious and rewarding event Darkages has to offer!

Tips and Strategy:

  • The main strategy is to herd an insect to a wall.  Once you get it to the wall if you walk directly up to it, It’ll pace back and forth, in front of you.  Assail then.
    (Put all assails and range skills on your first line and spam them all using Sleephunter v3, Macro Express, or by hand.)
  • A secondary strategy is to collect them at the corners, and if you use the first strategy correctly, finding them at corners can be much more lucrative.
  • The third and last part of this is be considerate.  It is a very strong strategy/tip.  If you do not steal other people’s bugs you have a great chance of them being open to you collecting the bugs that they drop.  You also will not lose friends, perhaps you’ll make them!

This guide has been written by explorer and updated by Jaice.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message.

5 thoughts on “Insect Catching Event

  1. Trying says:

    Just a quick tip:

    3 out of the 4 area’s are accessed via an armory where you can easily repair the net instead of purchasing a bunch of them from gunnar.

    the 4th area being hwarone with no repair close by – the easiest way to repair your net is to take the caravan to the gladiator arena – repair there – and go back to hwarone…

  2. Jaicen says:

    This year (July 2012) the bug event is only requiring 10 of each bug. We can assume this may be a permanent change and once we see that in the next event this page will be edited.

    The new prize is a ‘red’ spell with 2 minute aether, definitely not worth it unless your a collector.

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