Ability Point Guide

Ever wonder exactly how long it will take you to AB up with only items? Me too!


Ability  First Use Lucky Clover Second Use Lucky Clover First Use Golden Starfish Second Use Golden Starfish
1-10  50k 16.5k 50k 20k
11-20 100k 33k 100k 40k
21-30   150k   49.5k   150k   60k
31-40   200k   66k   200k   80k
41-50   250k   82.5k   250k   100k
51+   300k   99k   300k   120k

Lucky Clovers and Golden Starfish may be used once every 5 days. First use on Golden Starfish will also give you 50 million experience. Second use for Golden Starfish, and every Lucky Clover use will give Master+ 5.5m experience.

Ability Box 1 Box 2 Gift 1 Gift 2 Mother Erbie Gift
1-10 200k 200k
11-20 100k 200k 150k 350k 350k
21-30 150k 300k 200k 400k 400k
31-40 200k 400k 250k 450k 450k
41-50 250k 500k 300k 500k 500k
51+ 300k 600k 400k 600k 600k

Boxes may be used once every 24hrs, Gifts every 3 days and Mother Erbie Gifts every 3 days. Gift 2’s give 50 million experience for Master+ and Mother Erbie Gifts give 100 million experience for Master+, 1.5 million for 99-.

  • Spores100k ap  *Every 7 days* – Gives 50 million experience
  • Frogs50k ap   *Every 7 days*
  • Grimes  (ab10+) – 50k ap   *Every 7 days*
  • Marble Slabs (ab7+) – 50k ap   *Every 7 days*
  • Trade (ab7+) – 7k ap   *Every 7 days*
  • BNC2k ap   *Every 7 days*
  • Black Sun (ab7+) – 66k ap   *One time only*
  • Andor Chest113k – 197k ap, 28 million – 43 million experience *Current tests* *Every 2 days*
  • Andor Queen’s Chest 223k – 363k ap, 59 million – 74 million experience *Current tests* *Every 2 days*
  • Water Dungeon Chest  – 2mil ap *Current tests* *Every 3 days*

Many thanks to Nove and all those who helped compile this!

This guide has been written by ZulZander.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game on Zhath.

3 thoughts on “Ability Point Guide

  1. Trying says:

    any idea as to the amount of EXP these give on first and consecutive uses?


  2. Jaicen says:

    Added in blue. Let us know if there is anything else we can improve upon!

  3. Jaicen says:

    Please note water dungeon chest is not tradable. The character has to do the whole quest.

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