First you will need to acquire a Cloth Glove which can be purchased from the Priestess in Suomi, and learn Herbal Lore as your respective class. You will also require Wine for all except the Ancusa ceir, which can be found in various taverns. Gathering these will consume your labor, so if you plan to create lots, have a friend or alternative character ready to labor you.



  • This plant is easily spotted. It is blood red in color. It can be found within the Enchanted Garden. The potion crafted can restore the users health points.


  • This tiny green bush is harder to see, since it grows close to the ground in the Enchanted Garden. The potion crafted can cure you of poison.


  • Look for white flowers reaching to the sky in the Enchanted Garden. The potion crafted can cast a short lasting protection spell on you.


  • It is a moderately sized green bush that loves shaded nooks near buildings. The potion crafted can revive a small portion of your health. (This plant is somewhat tricky to find, since it may not always be visible! 56,70 in Mileth is one such plant, just outside the bank).


  • A large light green bush which grows most notably inside the Suomi Fields. The potion crafted will leave the user ready to faint.

Ancusa ceir

  • In order to gather this ‘belt’, you will need to acquire Raw Wax first. Once you have this, look for the weed growing on various rocks (most notably within Mileth and Undine). The Wax collected from this can be worn as a belt.


This guide has been written by ZulZander. If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me. You can also contact me in-game on Zhath.


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