Aman Jungle

Aman Jungle room 1/13/17:

  • Blue/Red/Grey Frog Meat; Obtained from respective Frogs; 2man+

Aman Jungle Room 5/9/16:

  • Red/Grey Spores; Obtained from respective Spores; Rogue

Aman Jungle Room 20:

  • Elemus Map; Obtained from Elemus; 3man

Hostile Grounds:

  • Scrap of Clothing; Obtained from Hostile critters; Group
  • Satchel of Helmloch; Obtained from Hostile critters; Group

Crystal Caves:

  • Crystal Bar; Obtained from Crystals; 3man

This guide has been written by ZulZander.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game on Zhath.

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