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Mileth Crypt / East & West Woodlands / Piet & Abel Dungeons / Mehadi Swamp / Pravat Cave / Karlopos Island / Kasmanium Mine / Dubhaim Castle / Oren Island / Lynith Sea / Cthonic Remains / Shinewood Forest / Nobis / Chaos & Chaduls / Canals

Unknown Depths / Noam & Asilon / Fire Canyon & Cursed Home / Andor / Veltain Mines

Temuair Zones

In all zones found here, except for Canals and Lynith Sea, it is possible for a rogue with hide and poison traps to solo.

Caster classes such as, but not limited to, priests and wizards, are unfortunately limited in their ability to solo areas until they have mastered.

Mileth Crypt

  • This is the easiest dungeon you will find in Dark Ages. For the first 2 floors it is relatively simple to hunt on a brand new Aisling, simply grab yourself a shield and a weapon, and start slapping them around. You can also use spells to take them down. Monsters in these zones will drop you some Centipede Glands and Spider Silk, which can be sold to the Dark Wizard in Mileth for a profit.
  • Starting on the third floor here, you may want to consider finding more people around your insight to hunt with, thus making it quite a bit easier for everyone. Here you will find monsters that will start giving you Bat Wings, these can also be sold to the Dark Wizard in Mileth, Great Bat Wings and White Bat Wings which can be sold the the Dark Wizard in Suomi, and bountiful Chests which drop gold pieces.
  • In the lower floors you’ll begin to see just how unforgiving monsters can be to the unwary. Getting ao poison potions/spells are always a good idea now (these potions can be procured from plants, or bought at a Medenian city), as well as acquiring Dia Naomh Aite from the Loures Dungeon. The Succubus’s here will drop you their hairs, which you can later use to Ascend
  • The monsters found here are elemental offense and defense, so you’re going to want to use a Dark Necklace and either a Light or Dark belt.

East/West Woodlands

  • The first few areas in these maps are quite easy to smack around, though deeper in you will require ao poison potions/spells, and Ard Naomh Aite.
  • West Woodlands is a common ground for leeching new characters, which is mainly accomplished through the use of Maiden Traps. This is quite effective from levels 3 through 30.
  • Most notable drops in the zones will be Raw Wax, Raw Honey, Mantis’ Eye, Vipers Sting, Goblins Skull, Kobolds Skull, Mushroom, Fae Wing, Wolf Fur, Wolf Locks and Wolfs Teeth, all of which are required for various classes skills/spells.
  • The monsters found here are elemental offense and defense, so you’re going to want to use a Dark Necklace and either a Light or Dark belt.

Piet/Abel Dungeons

  • These areas are a bit harder, and aren’t recommended for anyone below level 30.
  • As always, it’s prudent to get Ard Naomh Aite when taking off to do battle. You will want to bring some ao poison potions/spells with you here too.
  • Solo bashing these monsters may take a bit longer than the previous two areas, so at lower levels you may want a group. After you’ve gained further experience, this area like many others shouldn’t be any problem to take out single handed.
  • The monsters found here are elemental offense and defense, so you’re going to want to use a Dark Necklace and either a Light or Dark belt.

Mehadi Swamp

  • After level 40, these monsters don’t seem like much. Though you’ll still want to grab Dia Naomh Aite and ao poison potions.
  • They’re elemental attack/defense, so use either Dark or the correct elements to lay waste to them.
  • Fassing yourself is always an option, though you probably wont need it as badly as other areas.

Pravat Cave

  • These critters are quite easy, but if you’re still a relatively low level, you may want to consider the Alliance option from the Grimlock NPC outside the cave.
  • They will occasionally cast poison spells on you, so have your Dibenomum’s or ao poison spells ready.
  • They’re elemental attack/defense, so use either Dark or the correct elements.
  • You can use either a Light or Dark belt, and Fas/Aite are always handy for defense here.

Karlopos Island

  • Rogues, Monks, and any subclass can solo these maps quite easily, though you will want to acquire Dia Naomh Aite as well as some ao poison potions if you don’t have the spell.
  • All the monsters are elemental attack/defense, so use Dark or the right elemental skills/spells to take them down, and use a Dark or Light belt for defense.

Kasmanium Mine

  • These critters are simple enough, though bring some ao poison potions if you don’t already have the spell/trinket
  • Monsters in this area are both Elemental/Elemental, and Dark/Dark for offense and defense, so your best bet will be to be well equipped on necklaces and to wear a Dark belt
  • If your goal here is to hunt Ard Ioc Deum’s, or any other drop from Draco’s, they are Dark/Dark
  • Many classes can solo here; Prizards, Wiests, Pure Bards, Bashers, Rogues..basically anyone with the right amount of hp/mp

Dubhaim Castle

  • There are many different level requirement rooms for Dubhaim, so soloing this zone will all depend on how much health/mana you have at your current level and if you have the right gear
  • The last path is simple enough for Masters, any class can solo here if you mind yourself properly
  • They are Elemental/Elemental, so for bashers use your Dark necklaces unless you don’t mind sensing and using the opposing element, and keep your Dark belt on

Oren Island

  • You’ll find all manner of creatures here; so be ready. All of the monsters found here are Elemental/Elemental, so use your Dark belts
  • Typically bashers don’t solo these areas (besides the Circle Paths found in the North West), rather Master Wizards and Rogues tend to kill things better here
  • If you’re going to venture beyond the city, make sure you’re stocked up on ao poison potions

Lynith Sea

  • First of all, in order to enter this area (Far North-West of Lynith Beach), you will need to acquire a Breath Ring
  • These monsters are Elemental/Elemental, use your Dark belts
  • Bashers can solo here, though it may take some time and you may want to refrain from doing so until you’ve reached a comfortable HP
  • PND is usually used for these rooms, but keep yourself shielded, some of these critters are hostile

Cthonic Remains

  • Bashers are able to solo this area, albeit slowly and with great risk. The monsters are known to poison, suain, and ard cradh, so be vigilant
  • All monsters are Elemental/Elemental, so use the opposing element to smack them around with, and wear your Dark belt
  • Prizards are also great at soloing this area, their Summoning spells making quick work against the opposing element

Shinewood Forest

  • This is easily the most frequented hunting ground for Bashers trying to solo some experience
  • Around 30k/30k is sufficient to solo this place, so long as you keep your monsters in check with suains/blinds/pramhs, or taking them on 1vs1
  • Prizards can solo here as well at around 30k/30k, though most prefer to just stick to killing the Mantis’
  • Green Mantis’ will be your biggest threat here, they’re fast so you’ll have to be even faster. Suain/WFF/Pramh this guy before he gets a chance to immobilize you first. Some Prizards, Pure Bards, and Wiests are able to kill this monster, though you’ll need a decent amount of health/mana
  • Pure Bards and Wiests can also solo here, though for Wiests Beatalics aren’t much of an option
  • Beatalics are Dark/Light and Mantis’ Dark/Dark, both will cast Light spells on you though, so be careful and stay dioned. Your belt really depends on the situation you find yourself in; for bashers, usually a DB will suffice. For casters; a LB.


  • Any Summoner with decent bases (roughly 30k/30k), can PND the first floor of Nobis with little problem. They’ll cast light and bash dark, so keep your distance and utilize your spell sets.
  • For the higher floors and the “Mob rooms”, priest subclasses generally do the best. If you’re a Priest > Basher, Cradh them and start pounding away. Priest > Rogue can also accomplish this by Cradhing and using Star Arrow, though it’s a pretty slow pace. Priest > Wizard is probably the best, and most common. Cradhing the monsters and using a high level and wide area Summoning spell deals substantial damage.
  • Most monsters in the higher floors attack and cast with Light, but some monsters do attack with Dark so be wary.


  • Due to the high volume of players going through Chadul’s, poison hunting for Rogues may turn out to be fruitless. Though it can be accomplished nonetheless. Chaos is a very vast place, and can be alot less stressful to poison hunt.
  • Since there are are typically swarms of mobs running around together, soloing this place is no cake walk. Soloing here belongs to Prizzards, Wiests, and Rogues. Even still, it is extremely dangerous, and more than likely will always turn out to be less profitable than hunting it as a group.
  • These monsters are Dark defense and attack, so use a Dark Belt. If you’re not a Rogue, you will need to keep these monsters back and away from you at all times. For Prizzard; PND, MPND, and Unholy will get you through this, but don’t forget to keep them Suained or Pramhed. For Wiests; Your only options here will be to ADS, or MDSG. DSG will be too weak, and drain your mana too quickly to be effective. Don’t forget to keep them at bay.


  • Typically Wizards solo here with roughly 50k/50k base. If you are a Wizard, don’t forget to bring some healing potions!
  • PND makes quick work of these critters, even more so does MPND. They are Dark/Dark, so wear your Dark belt and stay fassed. Bubble Block and Mud Wall are extremely helpful here.
  • Wiests can also solo this area at AB50+ if they have acquired Ard Deo Searg. Just ┬ákeep the Fas+Cradh up and bombs away!


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Medenian Zones

Unknown Depths

  • This zone is easily solo’d by several classes. The mobs are generally weak, and wont take much to bring down.
  • If you’re looking to solo your way through the UD Sunken Ship however, it’s best suited for prizards. The first few rooms are easy, but once you make it to the pirates, you’ll want to be using either PND or Summoning spells to get rid of these, since they’re elemental defense and have a high regeneration rate.
  • Deeper into the Sunken Ship, you’ll find the monsters have a nack for ao sithing themselves, so keep up your Bubble Block!
  • They’ll be attacking with elemental and dark here, so wear a Dark belt and stay fassed


  • For these zones, Summoners are the best.
  • At the lower rooms in both, PND will take out all the monsters within 1-3 hits, as for the higher rooms you will require roughly 25k-30k mp to PND them.
  • Keep yourself inside a Bubble Block at all times when you’re attempting the higher rooms, unless you’re a prizard, in which case you can use Suain to great advantage here.
  • Spelling yourself will do you no good here; the monsters will spam ao sith spells on whoever attacks them, along with poisons, blinds, and suains.
  • For the lower rooms in these zones as well, Rogues can solo by setting down some Maiden Traps and luring the mobs into them (this generally takes 1-3 traps)

Fire Canyon/Cursed Home

  • Soloing here belongs to priest and/or wizard subclasses. You’ll want to be able to cradh and/or fas these mobs to be able to take them out effectively.
  • While Suains help, it’s not needed. Just try not to gather too many monsters at the same time!
  • For Wiests to be able to solo here, they will need a decent amount of mana points (roughly 30k+), and Ard or Mor Sal.
  • These monsters are Fire/Fire, so attack with water and defend with fire or dark.


  • As always, Andor is the breeding ground of rogues. They are able to effectively solo every room (except 140) by using hide and poison traps.
  • For the shallow areas in this map, it is possible for a Prizard with Summoning spells or any Summoner with MPND to solo, just watch out for respawns and worms!
  • The monsters found here are elemental and dark offense and defense, so you’re going to want to use a Dark belt.

Veltain Mines

  • In order to accomplish this solo, you will need to be a Summoner with your AB60 spell MPND. Regular PND just wont cut it if you’re trying to do this alone.
  • Bring a full supply of Brown Potions, and perhaps even buy or hunt down some Ard Ioc Deum’s before attempting this.
  • Keep yourself fully spelled and in a Dark belt at all times, and try not to let them hit you.
  • For the first boss, simply keep yourself shielded by using Bubble Blocks and Mud Walls (for Mud Wall, stand adjacent to Gan so he will not port to you).
  • For the second boss, MPND as fast as you can. Don’t waste any time!
  • For the third and final boss, attempt to block the Queen in with a mudwall, then stand adjacent to her location so she cannot port you, nor port to you.
  • Always watch your health, and use the potions as needed. It is strongly recommended this isn’t attempted until you’ve reached approximately 75k/75k health and mana points.

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This guide has been written by ZulZander. If you have any corrections, or would like anything added, please private message me. You can also contact me in-game on Zhath.