Druid Trinkets

Item Level/Ability Requirements Item Requirements Details Acquired
Damage Scroll
Ability 10, Pure Gold Bar (2) Inflicts heavy damage to a single target in-front of you (crasher-type).
(Instant, 1 HP to Use, 30s Aether)
Yun Moo’s Weapon Shop
Combo Scroll
Ability 10 N/A Allows user to place additional skills into the scroll to use one-after-another.
(Instant, 3 Skills for Pures/2 for Subs, 2min Aether)
Fei-Hung School
Sprint Potion
Ability 30 Gold Bar(2) Allows user to leap forward a few spaces and cause some damage (charge-type).
(Instant, 15s Aether)
Yun Moo’s Weapon Shop