Harvest Grapes and Cherries (1+)

Harvest Grapes and Cherries

Starting location:

  • Soumi Grape Farmer (for grapes!)
  • Soumi Cherry Farmer (for cherries!)
Required Items:
  • 2000 coins


  • Speak to the Farmers about Harvesting their Crop.
  • They will charge you 1000 coins to enter each area.
  • Pay it and pace through their fields.  (Be careful not to step on their vegetation!  Stay on the path, or they will throw you out and steal more gold from you.)
  • When you had collected your maximum amount they will offer to teleport you out.


  • 30 Cherries
  • 18 Grapes
  • 7500 experience points


This guide has been written by explorer.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game.

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