Small Heart (6+)

Small Heart Quest

Starting location:

  • Loures Jail

Required Items:

  • Beothach Deum
  • Conix Stone (only needed for heart of stone)


  • Go to the Loures Undergound Jail.
    • Speak to Marlin about “From the Heart”
      • Speak to him about all of the options and agree to bring a message to Bella.
  • Go to “Loures 3 floor magic room”  it is off of the throne room.
    • Speak to Jean.
      • Cycle of Becoming
      • Theology of Conjunction.
      • Go through all of the options he has to offer.
  • Now head to the East Woodlands, into the Enchanted Garden.
    • Go to 81, 8.
      • When prompted, choose “wait.”  Set down Fairy wine if asked.
      • Go through the prompts and find out what has happened to Bella.
  • Return to the Loures Jail.
    • Speak with Marlin again.
      • Report to him that Bella has been kidnapped.
      • Agree to take the new message to her.
  • Go to “Loures 1 Floor Bed Room.”
    • Go to 6, 9.
      • Touch the stone when asked.  It’ll suck you into a maze-like area.
  • Wander through the door ways of the maze until you are asked if you want to feel the pulse.  Feel it.
  • You’ll end up in a new room with a pentagram in the middle.
Small Heart of Fire/Moon Procedure
  • Walk towards the Pentagram.  Choose which person will be the Fire, which the Moon.  
  • Once you enter your partner’s name into the popup, both of you must enter the circle.
  • Continue through all of the prompts.  Unless one of you “coughs” any responses will get the quest done.

Small Heart of Stone Procedure

  • Walk towards the Pentagram.  When prompted, choose Heart of Stone.
    • With Heart of Stone, you can repeat this quest as often as you’d like.


  • 5000 – 100000 experience points
  • Legend Mark “Small Heart of (Fire, Moon, or Stone)
  • The ability to cast “Dia Noamh Aite” from Marlin in Loures Jail.


This guide has been written by explorer.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game.