by Jaicen

Yowien Territory Released

May 12, 2012 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

As many are now aware, Yowien Territory/AJ2 has been released! Joeker has been a busy, heres the full list of changes.

AJ1 Updates

1. Hostile Monsters are easier to kill
2. Hostile Clothing requires: 20 Scraps & NO Gold
3. Max wait changed from 1 week to 1 day (Hostile Cloth/Apology Note)
4. Spores & Frogs spawns increased
5. Min AB to enter AJ2 is 20 including quests
6. Crystal Bars requirement: changed from 50 to 20 (Ugliest Mask)
7. Spores & Frog Meat: Stacks to 50
8. AJ1 Skills/Spells can be swapped for FREE (see Vino)
9. Initial cost for AJ1 Skill/Spells reduced to 1 Gold Bar. (see Jovino)
10. Cost of Trinkets also reduced to 1 Gold Bar.

Yowien Territory can only be entered after you “Reunite the Chiefs”

YT Update
1. Vines does not break that easy anymore
2. Open spaces have been blocked-off in YT
3. Increased changes of getting Stolen Bags in YT
4. Chief will immediately spawn after killing final boss in YT

WD Update
1. Increased Reward for killing boss
2. All group gets a chance of receiving WD Chest
3. Fixed AP overlapping after killing final boss in WD
4. WD Chest not droppable
5. 2 Day wait to open WD Chest
6. Chest will give you option to receive “Item, Gold or Exp/Ap”
7. Items in WD Chest IS still random
8. 2 hour wait to enter the dungeon after killing the final boss
9. 4 day wait to get reward from the NPC
10. Gold prize vary from 10M to 25M
11. Ap prize vary from 800k to 3M + Exp 150M to 300M

There are a few I know I am missing, please do comment and let us know. Also, quest guides coming soon!

by Jaicen

April Events – Redemption, Floppy, AJ2, and more!

April 6, 2012 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

The Redemption Ritual will start on April 6th and last until April 18th. When performing the Redemption, the item you received from the Eulogy will be exchanged for an item for the Adoration. During the Adoration you can earn +1 or +2 to all stats (overmax) based on the item you have. This event is highly recommended.

Spring Floppy Event
Outside of the Mileth Crypt is the entrance again to the hostile floppy grounds. By killing the little floppies and the giant floppy you will earn lots of Ability Points! This event will also start on April 6th and last until April 18th. Registered players only, and highly recommended.

Skill & Spell Leveling Bonus
All registered characters will receive DOUBLE the leveling rate of Skills and Spells.
Using the leveling bonus item from the itemshop will QUADRUPLE the rate!!!
This event will also start on April 6th and last until April 18th. Registered players only.

Monthly Kruna Giveaway
200 Kruna to autorenewal accounts and 100 Kruna to registered accounts on Friday, April 20th.

Aman Jungle 2 Release Date
The tentative release date for Aman Jungle 2 AKA Yowien Territory is at the end of April – to early May. More information to follow on and/or Joeker’s facebook page. We hope this finally releases…