06.22.12 – July Events

June 27, 2012 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

Suffering from boredom, King Bruce has requested a fireworks show from one of the court jesters. Francis, the fireworks jester, will appear in front of Loures Castle and perform a fireworks show once every Temuairian day (every 3 hours). Francis will also be selling fireworks (for in-game gold).

Ability/Experience Bonus
All registered accounts will receive 50% Extra Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.

Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus Event
Also all registered characters will receive DOUBLE the leveling rate of Skills and Spells. Using the leveling bonus item from the itemshop will QUADRUPLE the rate!!!

((All Events will begin on June 29th and will end on July 6th. The previous Insect Catching Tournament ends on 29th.))

**Ability/Experience Bonus will continue throughout the week (July 7th-14th), but will change to 10% rather than 50%**

Andor Update
Andor Update will be released on June 29th.
Updates will include:
Increased Exp/Ap
Better Drops Rates
Updated King & Queen AI
*Detailed information will be released next week*