01.04.2012 – April Fools Secret Event

March 31, 2012 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

For the real fools out there who play dark ages, we’ve got a new event courtesy of Joeker for you! Happy April Fools Day!

There are pink gift boxes spawning all over temair that contains gifts… they spawn in the same locations as clovers. The box and the items are NOT transferable (so far). The medenian spirits whisper that these gifts will disappear after this week ends. Ok, I clearly suck at RPG writing. This shit won’t last k? Don’t get your panties in bunch.
April Fools Day Event

Boxes contain (thanks to Grum):
power ranger suits and helmets (Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow)
football helmet
fridge buddy
fan buddy
baseball cap
army gear(Hat, vest, backpack, uniform)
machine guns
Air plane thingy
“Killer” shoe
Tank Mount 1 and 2. (Though they look the same)