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01.04.2012 – April Fools Secret Event

March 31, 2012 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

For the real fools out there who play dark ages, we’ve got a new event courtesy of Joeker for you! Happy April Fools Day!

There are pink gift boxes spawning all over temair that contains gifts… they spawn in the same locations as clovers. The box and the items are NOT transferable (so far). The medenian spirits whisper that these gifts will disappear after this week ends. Ok, I clearly suck at RPG writing. This shit won’t last k? Don’t get your panties in bunch.
April Fools Day Event

Boxes contain (thanks to Grum):
power ranger suits and helmets (Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow)
football helmet
fridge buddy
fan buddy
baseball cap
army gear(Hat, vest, backpack, uniform)
machine guns
Air plane thingy
“Killer” shoe
Tank Mount 1 and 2. (Though they look the same)

by Jaicen

DA 7.31 Update, March Events, & GM Corruption?!

March 12, 2012 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

The march events are back, which comprise of the Insect Catching Tournament (Guide Here), The Lucky Clover Quest, The Catch a Lephrecaun Quest, and Find Locky’s Charm Quest. Also, on March 8th Darkages patched to 7.31 to stop botting programs and many other programs from functioning – only traditional ‘macros’ seem to work – all proxied items are now useless. A great step in the right direction. Currently¬† the DA community is however reeling over allegations made by Tourne (after he was blocked) about deep corruption, hacking, and ‘favors’ supposedly made by GM Wes (fishfood). We will however not comment/give details as the allegations have not been 100% verified yet. Stay tuned.

Catch a Leprechaun
Is it Leprechaun Season? I just caught a glimpse of one lurking around my shop. I heard other aislings seeing them around other villages as well. If you have never seen one before, come drop by in the “Suomi Weapon Shop.” I might be able to help you if you want to try and catch one.
Torbjorn, Suomi Weapon Smith

Lucky Clover
Lucky Clovers are sprouting in Temuair. You might be able to find one if you are lucky. You will be rewarded with prizes and a new Legend Mark.

Find Locky’s Charms
A leprechaun named Locky has lost his magical charms in Temuair. Will you help him find them? Look for him standing next to a lamp post in Mileth Village. You will be rewarded with rewards depending on the number charms you find.
Charms to find:

Heart Charm, Star Charm, Horseshoe Charm, Clover Charm, Blue Moon Charm
Pot of Gold Charm, Rainbow Charm, Red Balloon Charm

((Events will start on March 16th and finish on March 30th. Only registered accounts will be able to participate.))

Insect Catching Tournament
*Restricted to Registered Accounts and Insight 40+
*4 hunting grounds, each containing 5 different types of Insects per map
*20 Different types of insects to catch

*Prizes upon completion: (Varies on insight)
Experience points
Ability points (Medenian path only)
Legend mark
Prize ribbon

NEW & OLD Prizes
Players can choose the NEW prize OR select any one of the Prizes released in the past. Description of each prize can be found in the “Tournament Information” from Gunnar.

EXP & AP Distribution
Insight 40-59: 65,000,000 experience points
Insight 60-79: 70,000,000 experience points
Insight 80-99: 80,000,000 experience points + 800,000 ability points (Medenian path only)

Visit Gunnar in Piet Weapon Shop for more details.

This event will Start on March 16th and End on March 30th. (2 weeks to complete)