For now we will shamelessly copy over what Kiomi has put on her excellent website regarding Dark Ages downloads. This section will be updated soon. Note: The below is 3rd Party Content from Kiomi’s File Mirror – use at your own risk.

Kiomi: Here is a list of the DarkAges tools that Kiomi has found. If you know of any missing from this list, or if you’ve discovered a security risk in one of these tools, please send an email at kiomimcgurn at, security concerns everyone. Please report errors and outdated utilities to kiomimcgurn at . With exception of the tools listed in “kiomi’s Stuff”, Kiomi does not provide support for these tools, they are provided as-is. Kiomi makes no claims to the quality, safety, or legality of these programs, they are to be used at your own risk. (NOTE: People with no understanding of computer security are URGED not to use these tools, and as with any third-party program, you will want to run ALL of these files through a quality virus scanner before you use them, as anything written by a third-party could be malicious.)

Popular tools From Assorted Authors

DAWnd 3 (Windowing utility)
Sleephunter 3-v1.2.1
DA Map Renderer-1.2.a
EPF Tool
“~” Key Disabler

BioMagus’s Programs ( click here for BioMagus’s own programs page )

DAData.xml-v7.28 (you will need this for most of Bio’s programs)
Ao Enchanter-v1.0.0.1
DAMI Creator-v1.0.0.0
Tab Map Extractor-v1.0.0.0
Ascension Calculator
Ascension Calculator-(HTML)
B64 Converter

Kiomi’s Stuff

Kiomi’s MemSnapper (public) (screenshot utility)
Kiomi’s Map Pack(1855 maps, updated february 2009)
Kiomi’s B-Walker(item grabber)
Kiomi’s KeyRing (public BETA)-login tool / password manager
Kiomi’s StayPut (public BETA)-Sleep-login tool
Kiomi’s Polishing Assistant-(bug avoiding tool)
Kiomi’s MapList Maker-(MS-Dos batch file)
Kiomi’s PingTest-(MS-Dos batch file)

Miscellaneous tools From Assorted Authors (some of these may not work, do you have a newer copy?)

Dark Ages DAT file Extractor
Dark Ages Music Editor
Vorlof Macro Editor-v1.10
Vorlof Macro Editor-v1.08
YAMI Loader
Korean Windower-(config file)
Tool v3
DA Loader 2

The following seem to be broken in DA’s current version (Do you have a working copy?)

Dark Ages Transparency Effect-(Broken)
Dark Ages Quick (Secure) Login-(Broken)
Dark Ages Macro Combo Program-(Broken)
DrKenneth’s Dark Ages Dreamer-(Broken)
Dark Ages Sleeper-(Broken)
DAWnd 2-(Archival Copy)
Champion Macroer

Sleephunter V4 from Planetda (Information)

Download Latest Sleephunter Build