Part 5/5 Eulogy: Origin

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Jean, who provided lore of Mehadi Flowers during The Pact, speculates on the dubhaimid invasion which just began:

Dear Aislings,

I cautiously write a plea to you. Let not the knowledge fall into the hands of mundane powers of Loures.

Again, as before, dreaded Dubhaimid appeared at the peak of the First Rite at each of the sites paying homage to their arch-deity. As they prayed to their All-Mother, darkness appeared. Their faith remains tested. The dubhaimid swarm each holy area at Pravat, Astrid, and Mehadi. Some dubhaimid infest the court of Loures.

The cause of the menace is grimly hinted at by some of Cyril’s private writings from long ago. I have searched them for understanding of our present situation with little success. What was left out of official history, but written in his diary discusses something dreadful. The deities to which the Grimlok, Kobolds, and Mukul respectively bow toward share many aspects of our Great Danaan, who sacrificed Herself years ago, in a series of three rites. Her Great Work began Deoch”s inspired creation: The Aisling. What is dreadful to consider–and Cyril considered it–is to whom She may have sacrificed Herself to.

Councilor of Loures

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