This is the second segment of the Adoration branch quest. It usually kicks up in April each year.

How do I begin?

  • There are three different options to choose from here; Pravat Cross, Astrid Octogram, and the Mehadi Rose
  • You will need to journey to one of these lands and meet with one of the three NPC’s
  • They will tell you of the story regarding their specific entanglements
  • You’re done! You have just received your empowered item


  • Pravat Cross; This NPC can be found in the Pravat Prole Ground
  • Astrid Octogram; This NPC can be found in the Astrid Center
  • Mehadi Rose; This NPC can be found in the Mehadi Heart East

This guide has been written by ZulZander. If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me. You can also contact me in-game.