Is it Leprechaun Season? I just caught a glimpse of one lurking around my shop. I heard other aislings seeing them around other villages as well. If you have never seen one before, come drop by in the “Suomi Weapon Shop.” I might be able to help you if you want to try and catch one.
– Torbjorn, Suomi Weapon Smith


1) Collect the Items
– Raw Wax (Wasteland Bees)
– Wolf’s fur (West Woods Wolfs)
– Stick (Mileth Weapon Shop)
– Spider’s Silk (House Macabre Entrance or Mileth Crypt)
– 100,000 gold coins

2)Take the items to Torbjorn the Suomi Weapon Smith

=>  Catch Leprechaun (Click on him and choose)
“I hear a Leprechaun is running around bragging about his riches again. He rarely comes out of hiding. I’m the only Mundane who can make a Magical Net that can catch him.”
“Would you like me to make one for you? He might give you something if you capture him.”
=> Sure, make me a net.
“Darn! I am all out of materials to make the Magical Net.”
“Before I can it for you, I need you to gather me 4 items plus 100000 gold coins.
“Do you still want me to make the net?”
=> Yes, tell me the what I need– (yes that’s what it actually says, no typo)
4 clues for the items *Blah Blah Blah, you already got them*
Come see me when you have the stuff
=> Catch Leprechaun (Click on him again)
“Oh you’re back –name–. Let me see if you have all the items needed to make the net.”
You now have the Magical Net. Equip it.

Carrying on

3) Locate a Leprechaun, there should be 2-3 running around each town.
–Bash him until you capture him–
“Wow,  you’re faster than I expected!”

Now, you have a random chance at the next dialogue.
1)”Hey look behind you, there’s a swarm of bees coming towards you.”
If you get this option, go catch another leprechaun.
2)”You seem like a nice Aisling, what are you going to do with me?
Good, now you have 3 options.


1) I’ll be nice and release you– Do not pick this!
2)Keep you as a trophy– “You must be kidding me! I’ll bring you bad luck if you keep me prisoner.” This option prompts 2 more options
2a)Sure, you seem trustworthy– Do not pick this
2b)Nope, Give me your gold then I’ll release you” – Do not pick this

And option number three (Pick this):

3)Tell me about your Pot of Gold/Lumen necklace details.
“What Pot of Gold? I’m just a poor shoemaker trying to make ends meet.”
“Could you be so kind enough to lend me 5000 gold so I can eat and rest for the night? I promise to pay you back.” Prompting yet again two options

3a)Fine, take my 5000 gold.– Don’t do this. “The Leprechaun snatches the gold from your hand and disappears in a cloud of dust.” Blah Blah Blah! DO NOT DO IT!

3b)Are you kidding? Give me the location now!– Pick this one.
“Okay okay! You do not have to raise your voice.”
“You will need a Dirk since the ground is too hard for a dull shovel, but just right for a sharp knife.”
“I buried my Pot of Gold in one of the villages in Temuair. keep your eyes open and a Dirk on hand.”
“Good luck!”

You heard it right, grab a dirk and start walking. I have had luck with Mileth, Tagor, and Undine – Search every spot randomly walk. Will not take long. The popup mentions a bulge on the ground/dirk.

When you get the pop-up read the whisper updates, If it says “Dirk breaks” press ESC right away before pressing Next. Equip another dirk and press F5. Same thing with useless coal (Drop it and Press F5). This way you can use that same spot again and again until you get your Pot of Gold and Lumens Necklace!

– Lumen Necklace
– Pot of Gold  (Exp and Gold)

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