Green Ale

Start the quest by going to Oren tavern and talking to Franchesco about his Green ale. He will tell you that he is sold out and you need to gather items in order to make it, he tells you one item at a time and you need to return to him after gathering each item.

Step 1:Water
You will get an empty barrel, you must walk around the wells in Mileth village until you get a message saying it’s filled. Return to oren tavern and say “I have your water.”

Step 2:Barley(10)
Go to suomi cherry patch. Next to the light post you will see a glowing circle where you “hop the fence” into the patch, walk like you would to pick cherries. Return to oren tavern and say “I have your Barley.”

Step 3:Dried Hops
Go to SW17 house(where you make phoenix potions) Say “Dried Hops” to her she will give you the dried hops. Return to Oren Tavern and say “I have your Dried Hops.”

Step 4:Ale yeast
Go to another tavern(piet works for most) say “Ale yeast” she will give you
Ale yeast. Return to oren tavern and say “I have your Ale yeast.”

Step 5:Green Algae(5)
Go to karlops entrance and walk around (they randomly drop). Return to oren tavern and say “I have your Green Algae.”

At this point you’ve gathered all the items you need and he will tell you to wait, you will know when it’s ready but you can always ask by saying “Is it ready?”
It takes 1 day to complete. (24 hours)

Legend Mark Received

Drank The Famous Green Ale – 1 (not repeatable)


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