Locky’s Charms

Step 1: Speak to Locky. He can be found just outside of Mileth Inn

Hello. What can I do for you?
[Please find my Charms]
allo *Name*! ’tis the first time I ‘ave sat down in Deochs! ‘Tis good ta see a friendly face.
Say, I don’t suppose I could trouble ya to ‘elp me? I’ve lost a few charms of mine whilst on me travels.
I’ll gladly reward ya if ya can bring some back to me.
Tis eight scattered throughout the lands. The more you bring back, the better I can make ya reward.
I will reward you if you can bring back 4, 6 or 8. ((Having multiples of the same charm will not count.))
What’d ya say?
Great. return to me when ya have ’em
Okay, I’ll be here restin’ my knees ’til ya change yer tune.

Step 2: You must search for his lost charms, you can find them in the following locations:

Charm Location
Pot of Gold
Eastwoods (14-1+)
Westwoods (First area)
Mount Giragan (4+)
Piet Crypt (First area)
Mileth Crypt (First area)
Oren Tower Maze (Second floor+)
Oren Jungle (Floppy rooms)
Beal na Carraige (Monster maps)

Step 3: Return to Locky with his charms to receive your reward.

Hello. What can I do for you?
[Collect Charm Reward]
So, did ya find them *Name*?
SAye! Ya found them all! You can claim the ‘Best Reward’ if ya desire. Want to give them to me?
((Note: you can only turn the charms in once.))
Tis a merry day indeed!
100000000 Experience
90000 Ability
Bowl of Locky’s Charms (+1000Hp/+1000Mp)
Found Locky’s Charms Legend Mark
But..ya promised!

Guide Courtesy of Vorlof