Lost Ruins

Lost Ruins room 2:

  • Grime Skins; Obtained from Grimes; 2man
  • Satchel of Hemloch; Obtained from Grimes; 2man

Lost Ruins room 3:

  • Assassin Wolf Locks; Obtained from Assassin Wolves; 3man/Group
  • Satchel of Hemloch; Obtained from Assassin Wolves; 3man/Group

Lost Ruins room 3, dungeon:

  • Assassin Cross; Obtained from Assassin; 2man
  • Satchel of Hemloch; Obtained from Assassin; 2man

Lost Ruins room 4:

  • All Tonics; Obtained from Giants; 3man/Group
  • Giant Remains (Skeleton, Golem, Beetlalic); Obtained from Giants; 3man/Group
  • Assassin’s Greaves; Obtained from Assassins; 2man
  • Archeologist’s Greaves; Obtained from Assassins; 2man
  • Satchel of Hemloch; Obtained from Assassins; 2man

Lost Ruins room 4, dungeon:

  • Marble Slabs; Obtained from Statues; 3man

Lost Ruins room 5:

  • Stunned Fire Worms; Obtained from Fire Worms; 2man

Lost Ruins room 6:

  • Stone Earrings; Obtained from *Various*; 3man/Group
  • Enchanted Spirit Earrings; Obtained from *Various*; 3man/Group
  • Assassin’s Ring; Obtained from *Various*; 3man/Group
  • Monarch’s Gold Ring; Obtained from *Various*; 3man/Group


  • Hwarone Weapon/Armor Upgrade Plans; Obtained from Law; Group

Fire Serpant:

  • Fire Serpant Skin; Obtained from Fire Serpant; 4man

This guide has been written by ZulZander.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game on Zhath.

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