Canals, Chadul’s, Chaos & Cthonic Remains



 Please refer to the Chest/Bag guide for more information on these items.

  • Big/Heavy Bags; Obtained from Skrul, Captain, Amorphous Blobs 1&2, and Mass Amorphous Blob; Solo/2man/3man
  • Canal Bags; Obtained from various critters; Solo
  • These critters are mainly hunted by the aid of PND, since they are dark defense and love to ao sith


  • Cursed Shield of Chadul; Obtained from Druids; 3man
  • Ring of Chadul; Obtained from Champion; 3man
  • Excelent Gold/Hr; 3man


  • Cathonic Shield; Obtained from Death Knights; 2man
  • Talos Ore/Bent Crux; Obtained from Various; 2man
  • Decent Gold/Hr; 2man

Cthonic Remains

  • Formidian Rag; Obtained from Formidian Horror; solo/2man
  • Magus/Holy Diana; Obtained from Various; solo/2man
  • Raw Taglonite; Obtained from Various; solo/2man
  • Rogue Master Set; Obtained from Draco Sgail; solo
  • Wizard Master Set; Obtained from Ancient; solo
  • Monk Master Set; Obtained from Old One; solo
  • Warrior Master Set; Obtained from Dracro Deathach; solo
  • Priest Master Set; Obtained from Draco Avatar; solo

Many thanks to Explorer for the Master set information.

This guide has been written by ZulZander.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game on Zhath.

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