Ascension (Maxing)

The age old question..Why should I only ascend 3 at a time?! It can’t be that much of a loss..


To begin your maxing and ascension, first you will need to finish one of the Level 97 quests to acquire a legend mark such as “Aisling of Hybrasyl” or “Aisling of Talgonite”.
Next you will need to visit Aoife at the Temple of Choosing, located at (94,12)  in Mileth Village.

The easy way to ascend stats

  • Firstly, you’ll want to consume a Succubus’s Hair by tossing it into the Mileth Altar (located outside of the Mileth Inn)
  • Now after you’ve been killed by another player, walk to (6,23) then (4,20) to access the shrines. The top shrine is dedicated to Gramail to convert Mana, while the bottom is to Deoch to convert Health
  • To do this, speak to the NPC as such; “I stand in awe at the power of ****”, then “I devote my life’s experience to ****”. (To leave, simply say “I am not sure”, then “I descend”.)
  • After you’ve ascended Health for the amount of stats you want (150 hp per stat) is where the trickster comes in
  • Make sure you have some Hemlochs and Wine or Mold in your inventory
  • Buy the stats you would like
  • Now get a Warrior or Warrior hybrid character to use the Rescue skill on you, this will cause you to return to Sgrios without having to use another hair.
  • Drink your Hemloch, then use the Wine or Mold and repeat the process from step 2!
  • Note: This method has a time limit from when you used the Succubus’s Hair, you will need to use another one before 3 hours, else you will risk piling.

So what’s the difference between 3 stats per ascension and 5?

As you can see in the table below, it’s actually not much of a difference! (Please note: these numbers will not be exact reflections, but are generalizations based on the base health of each class. Please refer to BioMagus’ calculators section to find out your exact numbers!).

Wizard Priest Warrior Rogue Monk
3 per set 3.15b 3b 3.45b 3.55b 5.75b
5 per set 3.24b 3.1b 3.55b 3.65b 5.9b
  • Adding STR will give you more Assail/Skill power, as well as let you carry/equip more weight.
  • Adding INT will give you more Spell attack power (This does not effect PND).
  • Adding WIS will give you more Mana per level, mana regeneration, and also higher healing powers.
  • Adding CON will give you more Health per level, health regeneration, and also more power for kicks.
  • Adding DEX will give you more accuracy and more power for Rogue skills. 

To begin the ascension process, you must first complete your respective Level 97 Armor quest!

This guide has been written by ZulZander.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game on Zhath.

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