Overmax Guide

As the title implies, this a guide for overmaxing your Monk/Druid. Through clever use of game mechanics, it is possible to give yourself a few extra points into Str, Dex, Wis, and Con, but the trade off is leaving Int well below max. Because of this, I will warn you right now: if you already are, or are going to be a Karura Druid, do NOT use this guide!

First we start with Draco Form learned; These should be your base stats at this point:

  • 180/146/96/215/92

Then, we forget Draco Form, bringing our base stats to this:

  • 180/147/97/212/95

Then we learn White Bat Form, changing our stats to this:

  • 178/150/97/210/96

Now we max Str and Con, bringing our stats to:

  • 180/150/97/215/96

Next we forget White Bat Form, altering our stats once more:

  • 182/147/97/217/95

Notice how now our base Str and Con are two points above their max of 180 and 215 respectively. Now we’re going to learn Kelberoth Form, changing our stats again:

  • 185/145/95/217/95

This puts our Str three points higher, bringing it to 185 — 5 points above the regular max of 180. The final step is to reallocate from Int to Wis twice [10 Int -> 10 Wis], and from Int to Dex twice. [10 Int -> 10 Dex]

  • 185/125/105/217/105

Now you can see that compared to the normal max stats [180/150/100/215/100], we’re above max in all of our stats except for Int [Hence, why this guide is NOT┬árecommended for Karura Druids].


This guide has been written by Ryusai. If you have any questions or corrections, or wish for something to be added, you can PM me or contact me in-game.