In order to sub, you will require the following:
  • 8,400 HP
  • 3,400 MP
  • Ard Ioc Deum (10)

Luckily, for Monks there is a single 0ador stat plan to get all the skills and spells.

  • 55/33/21/74/9

This stat plan is done with no forms learned. If you want to get all skills/spells you should consider your stats before and after you learn your form.


Kick [Weakest kick. Does not break Hide.]
High Kick [Second weakest kick. Does not break Hide.]
Double Punch [An Assail]
Poison Punch [This can be useful at times since as the name implies it poisons your target]
Ambush [Get this. It’s really useful no matter what you sub to honestly, in both PvE and PvP.]
Throw [Fun to have, but not a necessity. Plus, you can always become a Guard and get it.]
Martial Awareness [Reads mob info. Useful if you’re subbing to Priest or Wizard]
Perish Lore [An Identification — or ID — skill]
Food Lore [An ID skill, but only for food. Not very useful but no reason you can’t get it]
Herbal Lore [Allows you to make potions even after you sub. You want this.]
Mantis Kick [This will be your most powerful kick if you don’t sub as Draco Form. Breaks Hide.] ~ Blue Dugon
Eagle Strike [Basically a Monk’s Wind Blade. While it doesn’t do big damage it has its uses. Get it.] ~ Yellow Dugon
Claw Fist [Increases assail damage slightly when unarmed or with Wolf Claws] ~ Purple Dugon
Wise Touch [ID skill] ~ Purple Dugon
Lucky Hand [Repairs item in the first slot, success chance is somewhat random] ~ Brown Dugon
Wolf Fang Fist [Pramh. Do. Not. Sub. Without. This. Skill. It is essential, and you want it.] ~ Red Dugon
Sting [Basically Poison Punch] ~ Scorpion Form
Dark Spear [Think Wolf Fang Fist, only instead of Pramh, it blinds. Can be useful.] ~ White Bat Form
Echo Sense [Martial Awareness] ~ White Bat Form
Draco Tail Kick [Strongest non-Master kick that hits around you and never fails.] ~ Draco Form
Kelberoth Strike [Does 30% of your HP as damage and pierces Dion. Amazing in PvP at high HP.] ~ Kelberoth Form


Ao Puinsein [Cures poison. Very nice to have if you’re a Mogue/Morrior/Mizard, or even a Pure Monk.]
Ao Dall [Cures blind. Very nice to have if you’re a Mogue/Morrior/Mizard, or again, even a Pure Monk.]
Mist [I’m really not completely sure what this does. I think it makes some mob’s assails miss. No reason not to get it.]
Dion [It’s Dion. Makes you mostly invulnerable for 8 seconds. You want this especially if you’re a Mogue/Morrior/Mizard.]
Taunt [It has its uses, like for low insight leeches, but post-Master it really has little use.]
Puinneag Beatha [I think this drains HP and gives it to you. I never use it, so I’m not too sure.]
Beag Nochd [Weak Wind spell. It can be fun to have at times, but you’re not gonna use this for hunting or PvP.]
Mentor [If you can spare the spell space, this can be nice to have as it lets you Mentor someone anywhere.]
Inner Fire [Raises your HP regen. Nice to have if you’re anything but a Miest.] ~ White Dugon
Gentle Touch [Heals those around you. Nice to have. Wouldn’t sub without it.] ~ Green Dugon
Cat’s Hearing [Lets you see hidden players. Very nice to have. Only sub that won’t use it is Mogue maybe.] ~ Yellow Dugon
Howl [Taunt Gar. This is what you will lure with. Get this.] ~ Red Dugon
Wraith Touch [This is nice for Miests and Mizards, and fun for just about everything else, but is optional.] ~ Black Dugon
Draco Stance [A cheaper Dion that lasts just as long. Nice for hunting.] ~ Draco Form
Snort [A Taunt that misses more than Taunt. I’ve never used it honestly.] ~ Draco Form
Kelberoth Stance [Creag Neart. It gives you +3 str, which can be nice.] ~ Kelberoth Form
Scorpion Stance [Armachd Fein. Casts Armachd on yourself. Not at all worth taking Scorpion Form for.] ~ Scorpion Form
Trance [Casts Seun on a creature, making it fight for you. Only works on low insight mobs.] ~ Scorpion Form
White Bat Stance [Hide. It’s awesome for a Mizard or a Miest.] ~ White Bat Form

Now that that’s done, we can get to the meat of this guide: The actual … guide. This is the part you’re probably here for, where it gives you the information on all the Monk subs.

Warrior [Morrior]

Rating – 5/5

Pros – Morriors have the highest assail damage in the game, and a Monk’s skill set augments them perfectly. Pre-Aman Jungle they were the best bashers in the game. Since then, they’ve been knocked down a tad (Raging Attack does retarded damage) but they’re still amazing nonetheless. Morriors have less combo damage than a Wonk, but that doesn’t mean they’re not viable. Morriors are better suited for hunting than Wonks are because of their AJ skills.

Cons – For PvP, Morriors have less combo damage than a Monk as previously stated. Other than that.. there’s A LOT of them. You won’t find too much originality here.

Essential Spells/Skills – Double Punch, Mantis Kick, Wolf Fang Fist, Eagle Strike, Wolf Fang Fist, Ambush, Dion, Wolf Fang Fist, and your form skills/spells. Did I mention Wolf Fang Fist?

Recommended Form – Draco or Kelberoth. You could go White Bat for the utility of Hide, but.. you’re a Morrior. I personally go Kelberoth, simply because even if you hunt a lot, not having Draco Stance/DTK doesn’t make much of a difference, but at high bases, not having Kelb in PvP does in fact, make a difference.

Rogue [Mogue]

Rating – 4/5

Pros – Like Morriors, the Monk skill set augments a Rogue quite well. As a Pure Rogue, you don’t have a dion until AB30, and it costs 100mil gold on top of that. Wolf Fang Fist is also very useful when combined with the massive damage of a max dex Assassin Strike or Rear Strike. Wraith Touch is also fun for them too. You have a lot of utility, as you have Hide, effectively infinite Rucesion Songs (Buy them from the Black Market), you can polish gems, and you can haggle for some stuff too, on top of hairstyle. None of those except Hide have an effect on your ability to hunt or PvP, but it’s nice nonetheless. You have a 0line Cat’s Hearing in the form of eisd creutair, though it doesn’t last quite as long. You can solo more effectively by poisoning a room, then when it’s ready to be killed, you can Kick, High Kick, or Eagle Strike without it throwing you out of Hide, and if you’re under AB30 you have Dion to fall back on that you wouldn’t have as a Pure.

Cons – Having to spam Star Arrow as your primary hunting tool can get repetitive, and you’ll never have the assail power of a Monk or Warrior. (Who bashes on an Archer?)

Essential Skills/Spells – Wolf Fang Fist, Eagle Strike, Ambush, Dion, and your form skills/spells

Recommended Form – There is absolutely zero point in going White Bat. In fact, for a Mogue, you’d get more benefit out of Scorpion Form. There’s nothing at all to be gained from having two hides. That being said, Draco or Kelberoth is the way to go. Draco you get a cheaper dion, and a strong kick that doesn’t knock you out of Hide (I think), and Kelb you get … Kelb. If you plan to PvP at all, go Kelb. If not, go Draco. Draco isn’t going to be game breaking in PvE, but Kelb can be in PvP.

Priest [Miest]

Rating – 3.5/5

Pros – This is one of those rather uncommon subs that you won’t see too often, but still has its merits. Priests have the second highest max int in the game, making Wraith Touch slide from a for-fun spell to semi-viable. The damage on Wraith Touch doesn’t compare to the likes of MSB, but then again it doesn’t take all your mana either. Ambush can be fun, not to mention Hide with White Bat Form. Reading elements is also kind of nice.

Cons – There is a reason why uncommon subs are uncommon. As far as hunting goes, you are a Pure Priest with Ambush and possibly Hide with the ability to read elements with a weak dark element spell, only without the pure priest spells. There’s really nothing that adds to your hunting usefulness with a Miest. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but as I said, there is a reason these are called “fun” subs.

Essential Skills/Spells РWolf Fang Fist, Ambush, Wraith Touch, Martial Awareness, Beag Nochd, and your form skills/spells 

Recommended Form – This is really a toss up between White Bat and Kelberoth. In this guide I’ve said always choose Kelb more or less, but unless you’re going to be an avid PvPer (Why not just make a Progue or a Wiest?), I’d say White Bat is the more useful of the two.

Wizard [Mizard]

Rating – 2.5/5

Pros – This is also one of those “fun” subs, but is also kind of interesting. You’re a Pure Wizard with no Lyliac, and you trade your Wings for Dion. Since you have the highest max int in the game, that might — emphasis on the word might — make Wraith Touch viable in some areas, since as I said earlier, it doesn’t drain all your mana like spells of the Mor Strioch Bais do. You have an Ambush, Ao Puinsein, Ao Dall, and a 4 way weak heal in the form of Gentle Touch, as well as Wolf Fang Fist as a Pramh. Also, being able to read your own elements is far more useful as a Mizard than as a Miest.

Cons – Once again, this is a “fun” sub for a reason. In hunts you’re basically a Pure Wizard with no Lyliac and no Disenchanter (for the sake of soloing). And also, making a 0ador Mor Cradh Prizard would be far more desirable than making a Mizard, unless of course you’re looking for something different to play, in which case have at it. Mizard is definitely out there.

Essential Skills/Spells – Wraith Touch, Gentle Touch, Wolf Fang Fist, Ambush, Martial Awareness, Dion, and your form skills/spells.

Recommended Form – White Bat hands down. The only reason to choose Kelb for anything is PvP merit, and this sub has none. Wizards as a whole don’t really have that much of a place in PvP when compared to other casters (read: Pure Bard, Wiest. Progue).¬†

This guide has been written by Ryusai. If you have any questions or corrections, or wish for something to be added, you can PM me or contact me in-game.