Hunting Role

I’m going to start this out by saying that this is not a guide that will go in depths on hunting areas. There is already a really good guide for that written by ZulZander. This is a guide on the Priest/Bard path’s role in hunting as a whole. It will also not go too in depth on the role of a Priest sub, since due to the flexibility of sub-paths one role can be accomplished in many different ways.

Now, that being said, onto the actual guide.

From insight 1-99, your main role will consist of two things:

  • Healing
  • Cradh

You heal your group, and you cradh mobs. There are some hunting areas that poison or blind your group members, in which case you would ao puinsein or ao dall to cure them, but your main role is to heal and cradh.

However, there are some areas (deep East Woodlands and Cthonic Remains, to name a few) that use either Mor or Ard Cradh on your group members. If you don’t have Ao Mor Cradh or Ao Ard Cradh, or even if it just gets annoying aoing them every two seconds, you might want to consider using Beag Cradh on your group. It’s weak, and no two Cradh spells can be on a mob or player at once, so it prevents them from using their stronger curse until it wears off.

At some point, you’ll get a form of Aite (Beag Naomh Aite, Naomh Aite, Mor Naomh Aite, Ard Naomh Aite). Aite is an invaluable spell as it drastically reduces the amount of damage you take. In a hunt, you will almost always want it on your group. This is when you are going to want to learn to sync.

Syncing is simple: When you cast a spell (beag cradh, or an aite spell mainly) on a group member, use it on your entire group so that when yours disappears, you’ll know when it’s time to recast. Syncing is important not only for Priest paths, but also for Wizards because of fas nadur.

When you Master as a Priest, your hunting options become more varied. Masters get three new spells.

  • Deo Searg [Pure Path]
  • Deo Searg Gar
  • Mor Dion Comlha

Both Deo Searg and Deo Searg Gar are powerful light-based attacks, and since a lot of the Master+ hunting areas have dark defense creatures, they are powerful killing tools. At least, in the case of Deo Searg. Deo Searg Gar used to be just as powerful — sometimes even more powerful as a killing tool, but Kru has since nerfed Deo Searg Gar and Mor Deo Searg Gar, giving them both a 5 second aether, drastically diminishing their efficiency and causing them to be overshadowed by the Archer’s Star Arrow spell.

Mor Dion Comlha in some places is quite simply essential. It casts mor dion on your entire group (sometimes it will fail on some members, but it is relatively cheap to cast and you can spam it). In other places, however, the mobs will ao sith when you dion (Veltain Mines for example), wiping your buff table clean. In places like these, you do not want to use Mor Dion Comlha unless otherwise directed. You can take a look at ZulZander’s hunting tactics guide for a more detailed explanation on where to and not to use it.

Also, once you Master, since you can ascend stats you’ll soon be getting two very important spells:

  • Suain
  • Pramh

Suain is an amazing spell that on most mobs in the game, completely makes them helpless. They cannot move, they cannot assail or cast spells. And also, it isn’t ao’d by damage, like Pramh is. For this reason sometimes it becomes advantageous to stack Pramh and Suain such that when one runs out, the other is in effect so that the mob is completely locked down.

Pramh you will most likely have in its beag form before you Master. Pramh is much better because it has twice the duration. The way Pramhs work is when you cast it on a mob (or player) they can’t do anything at all — until you do damage to them. Also, the first attack (skill, spell, or assail) that does damage to a pramhed target will do double damage. Note that like Suain, not all mobs can be locked down with Pramh.

Once you become a Bard, things change up a bit, but not much. You gain access to a few new abilities at this point.

  • Dark Seal
  • Regeneration
  • Mesmerize [Pure Path]
  • Cursed Tune [Pure Path]
  • Salvation [Pure Path]

Dark Seal is a cradh that lowers the target AC more than Ard Cradh, but it doesn’t last as long. On mobs that you’re not going to kill quick enough you might want to weigh the duration of Ard Cradh with the improved effectiveness of Dark Seal.

Regeneration is exactly what it sounds like. It increases the target’s HP regeneration, regenerating 250 HP/second, and increasing as you learn higher levels. Despite this, Regen is mostly useless and a waste of time.

Mesmerize is a reason Pure Bards are not to be taken lightly in PvP. (Yes, this is a hunting tactics guide, but I thought I’d add in that little tidbit.) It’s a Pramh that lasts longer than Pramh, and I’ve heard some people say that it hits more often as well, but whether that’s just RNG or a fact I cannot say.

Cursed Tune is an indispensable tool of the Pure Bard. It’s a poison-type spell that does damage equal to a certain percentage of a mob’s total HP. The first iteration does 15%, the second 20%, and so on.

Salvation is a healing spell for Pure Paths only that restores a target’s full HP regardless of how much they have, and it has a 3 minute aether, but the reason this spell is for the most part useless is not only due to that, but because it also drains all of your mana.

This concludes the hunting role guide for Priests and Bards.

This guide has been written by Ryusai. If you have any questions or corrections, or wish for something to be added, you can PM me or contact me in-game.