In order to sub, you will require the following:
  • 8,400 HP
  • 2,000 MP
  • Ard Ioc Deum (10)
This is the universal stat plan you’re going to be using when you sub:
  • 122/8/7/30/25

You’re going to want to add con early on. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for the extra HP.


Assault [Assail]
Clobber [Assail]
Wallop [Assail]
Long Strike [Powerful Assail]
Two-handed Attack [As all the 2h weapons are Warrior-specific, this does nothing aside from making your assail sound cool]
Wind Blade [4 space weak attack skill. Decent for luring or certain events like Insect Catcher]
Crasher [Does HP-based damage; Does not pierce Dion. If you’re going to sub a Warrior, you better get this]
Combat Senses [Tells you a mob’s info. Get this, as you level it fast and it’s good for element reading]
Rescue [Makes the mob you use it on target you. This is probably most used for the ascension bug. Get it.]
Beag Suain [Paralyzes mob or player in front of you. Very nice to have, and no reason not to get it]
Ao Beag Suain [Cures the above status, no reason not to get]
Melee Lore [Gives you info on the weapon in your first slot. Pretty handy to have, as it tells you weapon damage]
Missile Lore [I’m really not sure what this IDs.. Soori, maybe?]
Armor Lore [Gives you info on the armor in the first slot.]
Tailoring [Lets you dye armor if you’re a Respected Citizen and repair armor. No reason to sub without it]
Mend Weapon [Repairs your weapon. Not a bad skill to have, but by no means necessary]


Taunt [A… taunt.]
Insult [Another taunt]
Spit [Yet another taunt]
Mentor [Allows you to mentor someone anywhere you can cast. If you have room, no reason not to have it, as it can be pretty handy]

Now, the meat and bones of this guide: the sub ratings.

Monk [Wonk]

Rating – 5/5

Pros – The Warrior’s assails work very well in the Monk’s favor, and unlike Morriors, you don’t have to take off your weapon to kick (unless, of course, you’re using a shield, or tillians, which is why combo macros exist). Morriors have slightly stronger assails, but the combo power of a Monk more than makes up for it. Since Aman Jungle, Wonks are arguably the best bashers in the game.

Cons – On average, a Monk spends 2 bil exp more to max stats than a Warrior, which can be tedious, but it’s not hard. Also, unlike Warriors, who have relatively easy to obtain weapons (GM weapon is pretty strong, and GKs are 1-2m once they go Glad), you’re going to want to get your Dark Artifact, Obsidian, as soon as humanly possible. Nuns and Tills just don’t compare to some of the weapons Warriors get access to. Then again, depending on your luck, that might be an advantage to you (assuming you don’t spend an eternity to get the popup).

Essential Spells/Skills – Wind Blade, Crasher, Beag Suain, Ao Beag Suain, Assails

Rogue [Wogue]

Rating – 2/5
Pros – I seem to recall there being a lot of Wogues in the past — at least, more than there are now. I’m not quite sure what happened, or if anything happened at all. Anyways, there are very little pros to a Wogue. You have halfway decent assails as a GM (Midnight Slash is the strongest assail in the game), but once you upgrade to Archer, that kinda dies for a little while. Archers shift their focus from bashing to casting, ¬†with the closest things to “bash” skills you get being Assassin Strike and Rear Strike. However, I’ve heard Arrow Shot 6 is pretty nice, but I have yet to confirm that.
Cons – You have no Dion till AB30, and no Ambush till AB40, and both cost 100 mil gold. Since, as previously stated, your focus is shifted from bashing to casting once you become an Archer, your extra assails for the most part will be wasted. Also, the most powerful Archer weapon currently is your AB55 bow, which is considerably weaker than Obsidian.
Essential Spells/Skills – Wind Blade, Crasher, Beag Suain, Ao Beag Suain, Assails

Priest [Cleric]

Rating – 3/5

Pros – Cleric is really mostly useful for PvP. It’s always an awkward moment when you’re trying to kill a Priest and they crasher you, then heal right back up in the blink of an eye. It’s also kinda nice to be able to beag suain, and ao it as well. In PvE you’re for the most part a Pure Priest without the pure spells. Still, Priests can perform a lot of roles in some capacity(spells, heals) no matter what they’re subbed from.

Cons – You’re not going to get very far trying to bash mobs to death with a harp.

Essential Spells/Skills – Wind Blade, Crasher, Beag Suain, Ao Beag Suain, Assails

Wizard [Battle Mage]

Rating – 0.5/5

Pros – Umm… I’m really not sure what to put here. You’re a Pure Wizard without Wings and Lyliac (until AB30, and both cost 100mil). If there’s anything remotely interesting about this class combination, it’s that you can Fas Spiorad into a Crasher. Being able to Beag Suain stuff while you run like a little girl I’m sure has its uses as well. Other than that, the only reason this gets half a point is because to my knowledge one does not currently exist in Darkages.

Cons – Far too many to list here. Unlike a Cleric, a Battle Mage can’t heal themselves after a Crasher, and the only thing you can really do is PND or Fas until AB30. You won’t have Dion, so you’ll either be Gliocan and burn copious amounts of faith to maintain Dion, or you’ll have to rely on a Priest’s Mor Dion Comlha spell to keep you safe until AB30 (and that’s assuming you have 100mil to burn on it right when you hit AB30).

Essential Spells/Skills – Wind Blade, Crasher, Beag Suain, Ao Beag Suain, Assails
This guide has been written by Ryusai. If you have any questions or corrections, or wish for something to be added, you can PM me or contact me in-game.