AJ & YT Quest Guide

Aman Jungle Quests

Important Mundanes
Jovino    –     AJ Village       92,10
Oriana    –     AJ Village       80,107
Weylin    –     AJ 6             94,47
Vortigern –     AJ Village       41,107
Glenna    –     AJ Village        9,38
Hostile Guard – HG 28            10,4
Hostile Chief – Hostile Village  28,35

Aman Jungle – AJ | Yowien Territory – YT | Crystal Caves – CC


Talk to Jovino in Aman Jungle Village 92,10. He will ask you to kill 20 dendrons. Dendrons spawn in AJ 3, 8, and 15. (Most groups go to AJ 3 to kill). Dendron kills are group wide (though I believe they are now screen wide, so you must be on screen with the dendron when it dies). When you and your group have killed 20 dendrons, return to Jovino.

After you have talked to Jovino and received your “Kept Oriana Safe from Denron Flower” legend mark, go now and speak to Oriana in Aman Jungle Village 80,107. When you reach her, say “Jovino” outloud and she will ask you to help her find a map to her dear Elemus friend. (Normally you would be doing this with the same group you did Dendrons, just because you can, and normally do, do these two quests back-to-back). After you and your group members have talked to Oriana, go to AJ6, 94,74 and say “Oriana” outloud to Weylin. You will go to AJ20 and kill some Elemus! Each one will drop a Map (which is soulbound, so only take one!) and when all your group members each have a map, return to Oriana and she will give you a gift in 24 hours.

Hostile Clothing
After you have gotten your Elemus Mount, now that you are “well known” within the Village you can now speak to Vortigern in Aman Jungle Village 41,107. She will ask you to enter the hostile village to spy on the chief, but you first need to dress like them. She tells you that you need 50 scraps of clothing and to go see Glenna in the village at 9,38. (Scraps of clothing can be hunted in Hostile Grounds). When you go to see Glenna, she will only say you need 20 scraps of clothing, so give them to her and wait 24 hours for your hostile clothing.

Horrid Mask
After you have received your Hostile Clothing and Headgear, go to Hostile Grounds 28 (Must have your Elemus Mount to enter the hostile grounds) and talk to the Hostile Guard at 10,4. He won’t let you enter unless you have the clothing and headgear on. Go to 28,35 in hostile village and talk to the chief. He’ll want you to find the ugliest mask, so you must travel ALL the way back to Aman Jungle and say “Ugliest Mask” outloud to Oriana. She will ask you for 20 crystals which you can hunt in crystal caves. After you have the crystals, go back to Oriana and she will give you the Horrid mask which you will then take back to the Hostile Chief. After he takes the mask, he’ll be anxious to talk to you about his plans so you have to ask him outloud “Tell me the plan” and then you will listen to his story between him and Vortigern.

Reuniting the Chiefs
After you listened to the “plan” from the Hostile Chief, return to Vortigern and she’ll tell you more about it. She will ask you to return in 24 hours to pick up the apology note. When you get the note, go all the way back to Hostile Village and walk around until you find a place to hide it (you will get a pop-up when you do find the spot). After you have hidden the note, go to the Hostile Chief and say “received the note” outloud. He will be so happy and plans to visit Aman Jungle. You will then return to Vortigern and tell her the Hostile Chiefs plans. You will now have all your legend marks including the “Reunited the Chiefs” mark which will allow you to enter the new area when it is released.

Yowien Territory Quests

Important Mundanes
Kharlo – CC7,   15,5      Ashlee – AJ18,  49,93
Jowella – YT3,  26,25     Lizbeth – YT4,  52,27
Luwella – YT5,   7,10     Kheven – YT6,    5,36
Norrie – YT11,  35,3      Jowell – YT13, ~39,50
Granny – Lowella’s House  Arcella – YT15, 13,24
Grey Yowien Guard – YT17,  29,7
Baboon Guard – YT24,  45,25

Aman Jungle – AJ | Yowien Territory – YT | Crystal Caves – CC

Items that may break, and you will need another one if they do
Dendron Bouquet
Crystal Orb
Braided Vine

Mending Jowella and Kharlo’s love
Talk to Kharlo in CC7, he will tell you why he is there. When you are finished, go to AJ18 and enter YT. Walk to YT3 and tell Jowella “I know Kharlo” She will tell you her story about him. Return to CC7 and tell Kharlo “Jowella is mad at you.” Now you go back to YT3 and tell Jowella “He is apologizing.” Return to Kharlo and ask “What is her favorite flower?” You now need to hunt 20 dendron flowers, best place to hunt them is in YT3. When you have 20 flowers, go to Kheven in YT6 and say “Dendron Bouquet” then wait 10min. Say “Dendron Bouquet” again to get them, then return to CC7. Equip the bouquet and say “Dendron Bouquet.” If you’re lucky, Kharlo will like them, and if you are unlucky, he will trash them and you will need to collect 20 more dendron flowers to make a new bouquet. When Kharlo approves of your bouquet, return to Jowella with the bouquet equipped and say “Dendron Bouquet.” She will reward you with 85mil exp and 550k ap.

Allowed to enter Secured Caves
Return to Kharlo in CC7 and say “She forgives you.” Go through the entire chat, including all the “Zzzz.” When you’re through with it, click on Kharlo and he will throw you into CC8. Travel to CC14 and get the orb from the grass. Be careful though, the miners might get it before you do! When you have your orb, go to YT11 and talk to Norrie. After you have a chat, say “Crystal Orb.”

Fishes/Luwellas House Key
After talking to Norrie, she tells you she hears crying in the distance, so walk back to YT5 and ask Luwella “Why are you crying?” She tells you her story, then you go over to YT4 and tell Lizbeth “Yowien Fishing Pole.” She will be willing to trade you the pole for 20 fishes. Go to YT11 and tell Norrie “Let me through”(Must say this every time). YT12/13/14, go into the water and kill the fishes! They have an annoying drop rate, but when you get 20, return to YT4 and tell Lizbeth “Yowien Fishes.” You now have a pole, go to YT 12/13/14 with your pole equipped and walk around in the water until you find the key (normally near center of map but random on water-filled-tiles – no popup – just a noise when it goes into inventory). When you get it, return to Luwella and say “I have the house key.”

Protecting Luwella
After you after found the house key, you ask Luwella “Can I come in?”(Must say every time to enter). Be Polite, say “Hello Granny” then “I can protect Luwella.” Walk all the way back to YT12/13/14 and kill 40 baby brutes. After you have accomplished that, return to Granny and say “I am all done” , “Wake up Granny!”

Learned the Secret Waterfall Entrance
Granny now tells you about the waterfall and offers you help, but you must collect the 25 blue and yellow vines. Travel to YT14, 58,28 and walk into the skull room. Kill the trees and collect 25 blue vines. Then go to YT14, 30,1 and walk into the skull room. Once again, kill trees, collect 25 yellow vines. When you have 25 of each color, return to Granny and say “I have the vines” Granny will make them into the braid. Head to YT14 and walk to the waterfall, if your braid pulls you through, congratulations! If not, get 10 of each color, return to Granny, “I have the vines” and try again. Note: You can stop here if your goal is to simply just hunt YT16 to get AB80 – I would recommend completing the next section to get the Yowien Costume however as it is easy. From here on you can enter YT16 by using the Braided Vine, if it breaks return to Granny with 10/10 of each vine color again. Every 2 weeks, you will need a Crystal Orb to get past room YT11 to 14. If this breaks you must buy or hunt another.

Obtaining the Yowien Costume
Ask Arcella “What are you doing here?” then ask her “What’sall this useless junk?” She will tell you her story, then ask you to get 20 grey yowien furs. Collect 20 of them from the monsters in YT15/16/17. Return to Arcella and say “I have the Grey Yowien Furs” then say “Secret Language”.

Returning Arcella’s Stolen Bag
Wear your Yowien outfit and Headgear and walk to YT17 and tell the guard “graauuloow” He will let you through, then you walk (carefully) to YT24, best place is near the baboon guard(Which is right next to YT25). You need to kill 10 white baboons, after you have, enter YT25 and kill the boss! Currently he is bugged and his second form isn’t as strong as it should be, but when it is fixed, you will have to kill the chief boss, then kill his second form which should be much harder. When he is defeated, the group will be ported out to YT24 and everyone will have a bag, ‘Arcella’s stolen bag’ Return to Arcella and tell her “I have your stolen bag” then “Are you done yet?” (If this is your second time returning her stuff, you say “I have another stolen bag”

Received a gift from Arcella
When you return her bag, you will get a gift. Open it and check out your new gear! Your finally done this annoying quest business!

This guide has been compiled by Jaicen/Pryamus using content mailed in-game. Please mail or PM  us for any corrections/updates.