Tutorial (1-10)


Start Location:

  • Once upon a time, you began the game in the tutorial.  Since then, that has been removed, and you have to actively seek out the tutorial.  Nearly any mundane in Mileth will have the “tutorial” option.  Choose this to begin!


  • The tutorial is exactly what it says, a tutorial.  It will teach you how to maneuver and act in the world of Dark Ages.  When you get into the tutorial take a step forward to begin the process.  Follow the prompts and make your way through it.  Speak to every NPC about everything for maximum information.


  • 1000 coins
  • Shirt/Skirt
  • Boots
  • Small Emerald and Spinal rings
  • 5000 experience points


This guide has been written by explorer.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game.

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