Perfect Hairstyle (1+)

Perfect Hairstyle

Start Location:

  • This quest is started in the Soumi Inn.  Speak with Eeva.

Required Items:

  • Braid – “Jade Ring” and two  “Fior Sal”
  • Teased – “Finished Coral” and “Blue Powder”
  • Straight – two “Raw Wax” and “Fior Srad”
  • Wavy – “Wolf Skin”,  “Fior Srad”, and ” Fior Athar”
  • Ponytail – five “Spider’s Silk”
  • Bun – “Magus Toque” or “Holy Toque”
  • Loops – “Leather Belt” and “Dirk”
  • Twist – “Pearl Necklace”


  • Speak to the Soumi Inn keeper about the “Perfect Hairstyle.”
  • Be honest, no, her hair doesn’t look good.
  • Gather (or have) the items for whichever hairstyle you want to give her.
  • When you have the items, choose that new hairstyle for her, and cross your fingers!


One of the following:

  • 15000 experience points and an Emerald Ring
  • 25000 experience points, an Emerald Ring, and a Jade Ring
  • 50000 experience points and a legend mark “Loved by Soumi Mundanes.”

This guide has been written by explorer.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game.


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