Terror Quest (4-49)

Terror Quest

Starting location:

  • Mileth Tavern

Required Items:

  • 1000 gold coins


  • Wander around the Mileth Tavern until the begger asks you for spare change.
  • Give him 1000 coins and ask him about his Terrors.
  • Have another person or two with you.  Enter one of their names.  That person should enter the other’s name.  Then that person should enter your name.  To go full circle.
    • You need a person(or two) from your insight bracket.
      • 4-9
      • 10-19
      • 20-29
      • 30-39
      • 40-49
  • Once all names are entered, you will be told of a place.  Either it’ll be a Garden, Alley, or Crypt.
    • Garden:
      • Go into the East Woodland’s “Enchanted Garden.”
      • Wander around the far left portion of the map until you get teleported into the killing area.
    • Alley:
      • Go into Abel.
      • Wander around behind “Abel Jeph’s Room” and behind the “Tavern.”  Keep searching uuntil you get teleported into the killing area.
    • Crypt:
      • Go into the Crypt in Mileth.
      • Make your way to 2-1.  Head down from the door.   Walk around in that little corner until you get teleported into the killing area.
  • When you get into the killing area kill whatever beast is in there.
  • Once it is dead, wander around by the exit and you and your group will be rewarded.


  • 50000-1000000 experience points
  • Legend mark “Slew Terror of the (Garden, Alley, or Crypt)”


This guide has been written by explorer.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game.

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