Arena Circuit Champion (99+)

Arena Circuit Champion

Starting location:

  • Gladiator Arena (In Medenia)


  • Speak to the mundane there about Arena Circuit.
  • Enter the area when your group is ready.
  • The objective is to kill your way through three sets of monsters.
  • Form a group of up to 5 Aislings. (You should have a Lyliac and a Deo Searg. In the group.)
    • First Room
      • Usually the Summoner will kill in this room.
      • PND the spawns, you could bash if need be.
      • After each kill another monster will spawn.  Continue to kill through the creatures.
    • Second Room
      • Lure the monster along the back side of the wall, while everyone else runs to the right side of the wall.  You want the monster in the corner of the two walls.
      • Pramh, Ard cradh (or higher), Mor Fas (or higher), and Deo Searg(or higher).
      • Repeat the process untill all of these monsters are dead.
    • Third Room
      • Again, the monster is lured.  Lure the monster down, and around the wall at the bottom.  (The healer should pay attention to the lurer’s hp here.  The monster hits hard.)
      • Leave the monster behind the wall, and get into the left corner.
      • Use the same killing method as the second room.
  • Please note: If your health gets excessively low, and stays there for a period of time, you will get teleported out of the area, skulled or not.


  • Champion Band
  • Tortoise Mount
  • Legend Mark “Arena Circuit Champion”


This guide has been written by explorer.  If you have any corrections, or would like anything added please private message me.  You can also contact me in-game.