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Adoration, Double XP, LN Raffles, & Kruna Giveaway

May 17, 2013 in Dark Ages News by Jaicen

Note: Only members can use social pages of site, to join mail ‘Jaicen‘ your name/email in-game.

Adoration Event
Carnig, Solada, and Sunreet reappear to consumate the adoration of Arpina, Adranuch, and Matrika…
((Adoration will begin on May 17th and end on May 28th. Register to enjoy the event!))

Double Experience Event Weekend
Registered accounts will receive Double Experience gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.
((This event will begin on May 17th and END on May 20th. Register to enjoy the event!))

Capture the Fowl
Where: This event will be held in the Balanced Arena.
Rules: Capture 21 Fowls in 15 Minutes.
Prizes: 2 LN Raffles, EXP *insight based*, AP *insight based* & Legend Mark (Repeatable)
Start: Please speak to Celesta for more information.
((This event will begin on May 17th and END on May 28th. LN Raffles will be tradeable during event.))

Kruna Giveaway
200 Kruna to autorenewal accounts and 100 Kruna to registered accounts on Wednesday, May 15th.

by Jaicen

DAW Update – Now Open for Beta

December 28, 2011 in DAW News by Jaicen

Updated on Jan 5th:
– Fixed issue with editing forum posts the content goes into gutter.
– Changed site-colors so white-on-white issue on forum is gone.
– Some navigation improvements, quests section still needs re-structuring.

Now if you Login on DAW and go to My Account > Settings > You can add your Twitter OR Flickr OR YouTube for auto-syncing or manual updates.

For YouTube: It will bring in your videos (you can filter what).
For Flickr: It will bring in your gallery photos.
For Twitter: It will bring in tweets and also allow you to directly update your twitter when you post a status update here on the activity/my wall page if you wish! Complete syncing! :)


The website is now about 65% complete (first phase) and is ready for open-beta to begin.

I want to quickly point out that once you become a member, you get access to a LOT more stuff such as ‘Activity’ (think FB wall style) along the top menu of the website – private messaging, groups, @mentions, forum posting, commenting, and a TON more. ALL OF THIS IS UNDER ‘MY ACCOUNT’ at the top after you login. Anyways, play around now that we’re open… but expect a crapload of changes to occur in the coming weeks. Also feel free to join the DAW group/post on the forum topic if you have further suggestions/comments/bugs to report.

by Jaicen

Welcome to Dark Ages World

December 19, 2011 in DAW News by Jaicen

[important]Update (Dec 27): The site is now open and live for BETA testing. We are about 55% complete.[/important]

Welcome to the Dark Ages World community website, created by players for players. We are currently in pre-alpha development mode. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.