by Jaicen

DAW Update – Now Open for Beta

December 28, 2011 in DAW News by Jaicen

Updated on Jan 5th:
– Fixed issue with editing forum posts the content goes into gutter.
– Changed site-colors so white-on-white issue on forum is gone.
– Some navigation improvements, quests section still needs re-structuring.

Now if you Login on DAW and go to My Account > Settings > You can add your Twitter OR Flickr OR YouTube for auto-syncing or manual updates.

For YouTube: It will bring in your videos (you can filter what).
For Flickr: It will bring in your gallery photos.
For Twitter: It will bring in tweets and also allow you to directly update your twitter when you post a status update here on the activity/my wall page if you wish! Complete syncing! :)


The website is now about 65% complete (first phase) and is ready for open-beta to begin.

I want to quickly point out that once you become a member, you get access to a LOT more stuff such as ‘Activity’ (think FB wall style) along the top menu of the website – private messaging, groups, @mentions, forum posting, commenting, and a TON more. ALL OF THIS IS UNDER ‘MY ACCOUNT’ at the top after you login. Anyways, play around now that we’re open… but expect a crapload of changes to occur in the coming weeks. Also feel free to join the DAW group/post on the forum topic if you have further suggestions/comments/bugs to report.

by Jaicen

Welcome to Dark Ages World

December 19, 2011 in DAW News by Jaicen

[important]Update (Dec 27): The site is now open and live for BETA testing. We are about 55% complete.[/important]

Welcome to the Dark Ages World community website, created by players for players. We are currently in pre-alpha development mode. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.